Ladies Lunch at Brooklyn Warehouse



This past weekend I had the pleasure of meeting a great bunch of Ladies at Brooklyn Warehouse to celebrate a Birthday.

We were meeting for an early afternoon Lunch, so I was expecting this popular local joint to be buzzing. Walking in I was surprised to see it was fairly quiet, guessing this was due to the mix of snow ,rain and chilly temps.

I was immediately greeted and pointed to my party. Glancing over the Lunch menu I was pleasantly surprised how reasonable the prices were ranging from $6- $16.


One thing I love about this place is its dietary options. Plenty of Vegan and Vegetarian choices all labeled well to make menu reading a breeze.

Our waitress was on the ball noticing when we were all prepared to order. I settled on ordering:

Warm Mushroom Salad with cup of soup on the side

  • Roasted Mushrooms
  • Baby Spinach
  • Pancetta Chips ( requested these be eliminated )
  • Herbed Feta
  • Lemon-thyme vinaigrette  $9

I chose to add a cup of soup on the side for $3 extra. They make their soup daily with local ingredients. The soup of the day was Puree of Brussels sprouts and Bacon ( I dont eat bacon, but was curious to taste this), it was very flavourful and hearty!

I also wanted to try their Triple cooked chips, so I got a side of them for an extra $3.


Service of our meals was perfect timing. I cant stand it when its too quick or too slow. My salad came with Pancetta on top, and I requested it without, but it was only sitting on top so it was easy to remove. The tables were not equipped with condiments, salt & pepper, so I had to ask for a dish of Dijon Mustard to dip my chips in, and would have liked a bit of pepper, but all in all not a big deal. I know its not necessarily stylish to have tables set up with extras.

Everyone thoroughly enjoyed their meals, only concern was with the girls who ordered the Squash Sandwich, saying it was very greasy. (I’de say this would be typical for something containing Hallumi cheese.)

Dessert Time !


Of course the Birthday Girl, one of my bestest Eleanor Cruz Boudreau deserved Dessert! She chose :

“Hot Chocolate”

  • Chili spiced chocolate cake
  • House-made marshmallows
  • chantilly cream


This was a Soufle style cake and we were told it takes about 15mins to bake. Unfortunately we waited quite awhile for this little gem, as the first batch spilled in the oven and a new one had to me made. Luckily we were enjoying our time and chatting away so the wait was not a concern for us..when the Dessert came it was adorned with a sparkler and was on the house! 😉

All in all Brooklyn Warehouse  has never disappointed me, and its a great mix of casual & fine dining and never fails to  incorporate local products! To top it off my Lunch total was $17.25 ! Now thats fine dining on a budget!
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